Calvin Hutcheon
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Starting in Research

Investigating cybernetic threads within blockchain projects, I examine a collection of hybrid digital/biological systems. In my paper I explore what these represent today, in the face of network capitalism and climate change.

Building a Tradebot

From the start, I was interested in a creating a bot that could be placed as an observation station, monitoring a lichen or moss sample in real time. I began with some simple experiments, hoping to understand the hardware requirements for the project. I ultimately settled on using a Raspberry Pi and a stock ring light system.

Taking Form

I coded the tradebot in python, using Open CV libraries for much of the computer vision work and Intrino for my trade API. While the code is quite rudimentary, it represents a proof of concept. I hope to collaborate with developers in the future to create a more robust code base.


In order to communicate this project's intent, I collaborated with Theo Grey to create a video explaining the concepts that inform the project.


I exhibited Epiphyte at the MICA Senior Sympiosium, working with a group of other designers to stage a show focused on speculative ecological art.

What's Next?

While the tradebot is complete, the project hardly feels over. I hope to continue to collaborate on these ideas in the future, building out the Epiphyte concept. I'm particularly interested in including other forms of living sensors within financial networks.