Calvin Hutcheon

Primary Care on the blockchain

The founders of BitClaims wanted to do something big: use blockchain technology to build price transparency within the primary care market. The team had a great idea, but no product. I was one of two designers asked to make this a reality.

Redefining Value

Before design could begin, internal consensus needed to be reached. The first step was to ensure everyone agreeded on the core BitClaims value propositions. We defined this as follows

Price Transparency

The product lets users explore primary care services, see pricing, and purchase plans.

Power in Numbers

BitClaims allows patients to form a pool, bundling care together to receive discounts.

Patient Choice

BitClaims surfaces the features of a plan, facility information and doctor profiles.

Understanding Our Users

With clear consensus, the team conducted a workshop to develop user personas that would guide the design process. Gathering stake holders we began to refine who key users might be and what their specific needs would look like.


However, we had to consult with business design and the development team to determine the appropriate platform for the product. Ultimately, after considering development costs and with pressure to release a minimum viable product, it was determined we would build a mobile first web app.

Thus began a process of uncovering initial interaction. From there we began to sketch low fidelity wireframes. Through this process we refined the search and price discovery user flow. We developed a number of key features during this process

Building out

These components can be fit together to form various features of the product, including doctor profiles, service pages and facility pages. Adding to this user flow, we began developing an on boarding process and a payment user flow. Of particular interest was adding a feature to allow payment in crypto. This was of particular interest to those providing the initial funding of the project.

User First

Despite this emphasis, a goal from the beginning was to minimize user interaction with the blockchain. Though the underlying technology played an important role in the value proposition of the product, it was confusing and often detrimental to user experience to surface the blockchain.