Calvin Hutcheon

Inspiration for Brand

Hälsa ia an ultra-modern, upscale skincare brand. The client wanted something contemporary that remained in touch with its Scandinavian roots. Taking inspiration from the landscapes of Sweden, the organic palette contrasts the minimal, geometric logo. I was responsible for custom logo type and the creation of brand guidelines.


Over multiple iterations of the logo, I experimented forms that would the brand identity my cliented described. Here's a selection initial ideas.

Making the Mark

After three rounds of revisions, we settled on a variable logo that would respond to the dimensions of the surface it was placed upon.

Building out.

The identity grew from here. Based on experiments mocking up packaging, I built standards for typographic styling. Here I discovered that in addition to the pallaet, texture played an important role in the brand personality.


In order to attract investors, I mocked up packaging for my client. Retaining modern, upscale sensibilities was crucial here. The result embodies the Hälsa brand.